Rich Minority Studios is a creative agency founded in Los Angeles, using research and creative innovation to form the future. RICH—MINORITY is our in-house collection of ready-to-wear garments & accessories created for one of none individuals - also known as the outcasted.

MI·NOR·I·TY /məˈnôrədē/ a relatively small group of people, especially one commonly discriminated against in a community, society, or nation, differing from others.


We represent those who aren't afraid to embrace their own characteristics and dismiss opinions of the "majority." The potency of our passion for art, design, and music is how we define the term "Rich." Every individual has their own unique style and their own dreams. Our mission is to help creatives deemed as outcasts escape their doubts and unleash their full potential. This brand was created based on the pain felt when surrounded by countless multi-talented individuals who could not seem to find a path. We define these individuals as One of None. The outcasted.


The Dove Logo is a graphic inspired by vintage activism posters and sketches. In the face of the dove, you will find the Rich Minority Studios dot. The dove wings are spread & the chain is broken.. symbolizing the idea of freedom. Many question why the dove is not flying through the opening...?

This represents the idea of finding our own freedom. As individuals, we tend to fly in the wrong direction, often based on influence and opinions of the majority - instead of taking time to look around for ourselves and find our own path. Which could potentially set us "free."

Rich Minority is not defined by wealth or ethnicity.
We represent potency and individuality.

Find your way.