We are HUMAN. We are the same. We are not defined by our hue, gender, status, popularity, or appearance. We are not defined by the arrogance or ignorance of others. WE ARE THE SAME. Born equal with individual purposes that we must discover throughout our journeys. As we navigate our lives, we must spread love amongst one another and treat every human we encounter with fairness - encouraging all to be the best version of themselves. We have created these products to implement values of love, equality, and unity in those around us.

Our goal is to spread quality products that encourage love amongst one another across the world- while using the profits generated to help the growth of minority-owned art programs as well as small businesses that have been affected by COVID-19. Each product is custom - using fabrics equal to those found in higher-end fashion markets. We wanted to design something simple yet of quality, and cool to enough wear daily while still promoting positivity and giving back to the community in the process. 

50% of all proceeds will be donated to minority-owned art programs that encourage individuality and creativity in areas where creative expression is not so easy to pursue. We will also be donating to as many local small businesses as possible - both minority-owned and those who have been affected by COVID-19. The other 50% will be used strictly for the production of the goods and marketing to continue donations long after this campaign! Our Eracism movement is not a one-time effort, it is a project we would like to continue year-round - creating new designs and content to push our message of equality.

If you are not currently in the position to donate, don't worry! There are still many ways that you can contribute. Simply sharing this campaign with friends and family would be much appreciated! As well as encouraging those around you to advocate for equality and actively fight against judgmental behavior. We also encourage the support of local and minority-owned businesses daily. Look into independently-owned businesses in your area and you may be surprised what you find!

There were many ideas for what the first installment of RICH—MINORITY apparel and accessories would be, along with design and marketing concepts we had been very excited to present. But in our current social climate, it felt almost blasphemous to stick to those ideas -- launching a black-owned brand catered to individuality, outcasts, and the "unsung," without doing something to benefit our community directly during these challenging times. 

Unfortunately, none of what we are seeing is new. It is only being highlighted, serving as a reminder to us all how unjust this world can be. Many of us may not experience racism daily, causing us to somewhat disregard the issue or have an "it is what it is" type attitude -- but this is not something we should have to endure at all. Any of us. This is a fight that must continue until the thought of hating or judging someone for nothing other than their hue is completely erased.

⁣The ERACISM movement will not be a one-time effort, but something we will continue to support and encourage periodically in the midst of our collections. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to minority-owned art programs, education reform, small local businesses, & more. The other 50% will be used STRICTLY for production and marketing of ERACISM products only -- in order to continue donations and support.