We will be announcing the winner of our raffle tomorrow! (10.18.2020)

If you have would like to win this one of one, 11x14 wrapped canvas, featuring the signature #Eracism art - make sure to follow the directions on our instagram account!! One lucky winner will be chosen in hopes to add a reminder of love & unity to their room of choice.

Fore more details on how to win, click here:

We are HUMAN. We are the same. Not defined by our hue. Not defined by arrogance or ignorance. We are ALL the same. Born Equal. With individual purposes that we must find in our own journey. Within that journey, it is important that we spread love amongst each other and treat every human with fairness, encouraging them to be the best version of themselves! We created a few 4K wallpapers to help implement thoughts of love, equality, and unity into your daily routine. You will find ERACISM Wallpapers for mobile devices and a few different versions of our photo captured during a peaceful protest in Paris. This Wallpaper comes in Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, & Smart Watch Sizes.